Shazam Casting Details Hint At Possible Black Adam Cameo

by Brad Filicky
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Shazam Is hitting theaters April of 2019, but casting details and character descriptions are beginning to leak out. via ThatHashtag show have reveled casting descriptions of more characters in the movie:

THADDEUS BODOG SIVANAEvil sorcerer who regenerates from death with world domination on his mind.” Supporting Lead Male

Doctor Sivana will be portrayed by Mark Strong.
As the casting descriptions below hint, Sivana won’t be alone, as his two oldest children – Beautia and Magnificus – will appear in the film in some way.

BEAUTIA SIVANA – Sivana’s devoted daughter. When he does not return her love, she changes loyalties and helps Billy out. Supporting Lead Female

MAGNIFICUS SIVANA – Sivana’s incredibly giant and strong son that has a huge battle with Shazam. Supporting Lead Male

In the comics, Beautia and Magnificus are longtime allies of Billy Batson/Shazam, and it seems that the big screen adaptation will follow that in some way.

A fourth casting description hints at a rather integral part of Billy’s origin – the actual wizard Shazam, who provides Billy with his powers.

SHAZAM – Elderly wizard who is forced to give his powers to a young boy before the boy is ready. Supporting Lead Male

And finally, a fifth casting description hints at a “Mysterious Man”, who will take on some sort of cameo role within the film.

MYSTERIOUS MAN – Shazam’s underling. Cameo Male

This reiterates the confirmation that Doctor Sivana will be the film’s main villain (played by Mark Strong). And fans are already speculating that the Mysterious man could be Black Adam (if he does appear he will be played The Rock). Of course this is just speculation as Black Adam is also rumored to play a role in Suicide Squad. We might still be speculating until the movie debuts April of 2019.

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