[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” epilogue! Superboy and Robin must face the repercussions of the events of “Super Sons of Tomorrow” and how the emotional toll will affect their relationships with each other, their parents and the Teen Titans. Meanwhile, the past rears its ugly head to haunt Damian Wayne—in the form of his mother, Talia Al Ghul!



This issue wraps up the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” storyline, so we must say goodbye to the guest stars from an alternate Hypertime future. It’s been nice getting to see them again, especially Conner, who appears to be written out of the DCU canon. Hopefully this story might serve as a prelude to his and Bart’s reintroduction.

It appears that the alternate future Tim Drake is being set up as a guardian of the timeline, in his new identity as Savior. This sounds awfully similar to Booster Gold’s role in the DCU. Perhaps we’ll get to see him meet up with Booster as DC moves towards sorting out its Rebirth era continuity.

This issue does a superb job of demonstrating the strong bond of friendship between Superboy and Robin. First we see Jon and Damian defending their friendship to Superman, and later we see Damian consoling Jon after the Teen Titans decline to accept him into the group. While Jon is usually open with his feelings, Damian is usually pretty reticent, so it is quite powerful to see him openly admit that he values his friendship with Jon.



I can see that it makes sense to keep Superboy out of the Teen Titans for now, it seems somewhat out of character for them to reject him as they did in this issue. However, it seems to be more indicative of problems within their team than any deficiency in Jon. This seems to be something that should be followed up within their own title. But I do hope we will get to see Superboy occasionally helping them out in future adventures.



It doesn’t seem that long ago that a comic starring the sons of Superman and Batman could even exist, except maybe as an Elseworlds story. But now it’s one of the best titles in DC’s lineup, telling the story of a new generation’s World’s Finest team.



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