‘Arena of Valor’ Welcomes Wonder Woman To Their Roster

by Joshua Raynor
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Arena of Valor has finally welcomed the first DC Comics character into their roster.  Wonder Woman has arrived along with the latest update for the giant mobile MOBA.

Wonder Woman represents the first of four DC Comics heroes that will be making their way to Arena of Valor‘s North American servers. Batman, Joker, and Superman are also making their way to the game. Though we don’t have an official release date for the rest of the DC Comics crew, Tencent confirmed in an interview with WWG that they will be releasing “very soon.”

In fact, our European brothers and sisters have been playing the game a little longer than we have, and they’ve already been able to go hands-on with the DC Comics heroes. If you’re wondering how Wonder Woman will look and play in Arena of Valor, here’s a quick video rundown and champion guide to give you an idea:

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!

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