“Black Lightning” Linked to Green Lantern Through John Stewart’s Sister

by Ari Bard
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Black Lightning, while not a part of the Arrowverse, is making connections with other heroes from the DC Universe including Green Lantern.  Arrow and the Flash may have dropped some easter eggs to everyone’s favorite Ferris Air pilot, but those are nothing compared to the connection Black Lightning has with a different Green Lantern: John Stewart.

Fans of the DC animated Justice League series and another animated productions may recognize John Stewart, but many don’t realize that Black Lightning was married to John Stewart’s sister.  That’s right, Lynn Pierce was once Lynn Stewart.  In the series premiere of Black Lightning, it is revealed that Jefferson Pierce only gave up the mantle of Black Lightning after Lynn Pierce resorted to divorce.  She seems to be a strong female role in the TV Show despite being more of a minor character in the comics.

It is unknown yet as to whether or not the TV Show will make Lynn Pierce’s link to Green Lantern more explicit, or whether the link was meant to be made in the TV show at all, but all fans need is a little more connection start the speculation.

Black Lightning returns Tuesday, January 23 at 9PM EST on the CW.

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