Batwoman & Batmobile Revealed For ‘Batman: Gotham City Chronicles’ Game

by Joshua Raynor
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Monolith, the makers of the upcoming tabletop game Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, has released images for Batman’s ally, Batwoman, and the Dark Knight’s famous vehicle, the Batmobile.

The Batwoman miniature seems to skew pretty close to the comics version, which gives Kate Kane a bold Bat-symbol with a rather minimalist costume design, while the batmobile design is based on a David Finch concept of the car, and when you compare it to the comic page it looks nearly identical.

These are pictures of the prototype minis, so there are no paints applied yet, but Batwoman will most likely sport her red and black color scheme. She’s sporting a dynamic action pose with one hand balled into a fist, which is most likely about to connect with someone’s face.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles will hit Kickstarter on February 27th.


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