Christopher Priest’s ‘Deathstroke vs Batman’ Arriving in April

As a martial arts master with unparalled deduction skills and an abundance of wealth, Batman can beat almost anyone.  In fact, there are only a handful of individuals in the DC Universe who can beat Batman in hand-to-hand combat.  Deathstroke is one of them.

In a fight against the Teen Titans menace, contract killer, and assassin for hire Slade Wilson, even Batman has his doubts.  Slade Wilson could be better than Batman both as a hand-to-hand fighter, and as a tactician.  Deathstroke, however, has no regard for human life which makes him even scarier.

According to Bleeding Cool, Batman and Deathstroke will face off head-to-head this April in Deathstroke vs Batman.  The story, whether a one-shot, miniseries, or crossover, will be written by Chrisopher Priest (Deathstroke) with art from Carlo Pagulayan and covers from Lee Weeks.  More news will come as DC releases it solicitations for April.

Ari Bard

I am currently a Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University studying mechanical engineering. I have been in love with DC since I saw the animated series and movies in the early 2000s. I started reading comics regularly at the start of Rebirth. My favorite character is Martian Manhunter.