SUPERGIRL Confronts “Both Sides” in New Trailer

by JC Alvarez
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Before Supergirl goes on a couple months hiatus, the Maid of Might takes on “Both Sides” of her new enemies — The Worldkillers — in her latest trailer!

So check this out: Supergirl will be going on a limited hiatus! The series which just returned from its mid-season break after the Girl of Steel received a major beat down from her latest adversary Reign, it looks like the menace of the Worldkillers is about to become a lot more serious! It was revealed that Reign (Odette Annable) is not alone in her vendetta to “cleanse” the world of sin — she is only the first instrument of destruction — a Worldkiller — that will be unleashed!

Now Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and her allies at the DEO are gathering their forces and preemptively striking down before things get any more perilous. In the next episode airing on Monday, February 5, the next Worldkiller — Purity (guest star Krys Marshall) has been revealed! Will Supergirl be able to contain this latest force of nature, and how will Purity lead them to Reign if Purity herself is proving more than a handful?

Check out the trailer for the next episode of Supergirl entitled “Both Sides” here:

Following this episode the series will be going on hiatus and will be giving way for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to keep watch over the time slot until Supergirl is ready to return with all new episodes April 16 on The CW. Though it is rather irregular for a series in its run to take such a dramatic leave, it’s not unprecedented. So Supergirl fans should not worry at all about the fate of the show or its renewal in the fall.

The CW is giving the DC properties a reason to catch their breath, especially given the addition of the latest DC adaptation Black Lightning which is proving a ratings hit! The producers of Supergirl have reported that the hiatus will give them an opportunity to remain on track with the extremely complicated production which is basically producing a “blockbuster” action movie every week, raising the anticipation as the latest arc on Season 3 of Supergirl races to a dramatic conclusion.

Supergirl airs on Monday Nights @ 8pm on The CW and is produced by Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter for Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

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