Live Action Titans TV Show Maybe Casting Ra’s Al Ghul

As the Titans TV show continues to fill its roster with castings, it seems as though the producers are working on casting some villains for the show. That Hashtag Show on YouTube reports on what the show runners are looking for this mysterious new role.

“Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.”

Do you fit those attributes? Then you might be Ra’s Al Ghul… or at least you might be cast as the iconic DC villain for the upcoming Titans show!

As of now, the show isn’t stating that the casting is for the role of Ra’s but one could argue that it can’t be anybody else except for ‘The Demon’s Head’. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the role could be just about any other character, but DC has shown an affinity for using Ra’s multiple times.

Just in the last few years, Ra’s was played by Alexander Siddig on Gotham, Matt Nable on Arrow, and most notably by Liam Neeson in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. You can check out the full details in the video down below:

Joseph Marcas

Joseph is a contributor to DC Comics News and hopes to someday become a superhero. He enjoys writing, politics, and everything between ballet and monster truck rallies.