JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-ray Packaging Goes Global

by JC Alvarez
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Collectors better get that shelf space ready, as several rare and unique images are being released to promote and celebrate the Justice League coming home to Blu-ray!

The inevitable marketing frenzy and demand surrounding the upcoming March release of Justice League on Blu-ray, DVD and this month’s Digital HD has inspired Warner Bros. to gamble that collectors will want to gobble up all the different versions of the cover art! Along with exclusive box art for the domestic markets (see the various available for retailers including Target and Walmart), the international scene is also getting their own distinct branding.

Overseas, where the film performed really well, the Blu-ray and 4K releases will boast what may well be glimpse into the Justice League’s future. At the conclusion of the film, Bruce Wayne and Alfred walk Diana Prince into the very vacant and abandoned main hall of Wayne Manor, suggesting it would be a great place for a large, round table with seats for all of the leaguers. The box art for the international home release shows the Justice League assembling in that very hall!

Similarly retailers here in the US are promising some exclusives to entice fans to purchase an ideal Justice League movie experience. Check out the art here:

Justice League will be available in Digital HD download on February 13 with wide-market availability in various additional formats March 13.

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