Michael Bay Eyeing Lobo Film?

by Jay
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After tackling robots in disguise and heroes on the half shell, director Michael Bay’s next project may be DC Comics’ very own “Main Man”, Lobo.

Warner Bros. has confirmed Bay, famous for the Transformers and the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film franchises, has met to discuss a deal to direct Lobo, based on DC’s popular intergalactic bounty hunter, a project whose screenplay is currently in development by Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs.

Lobo, the last member of the Xarnian race – obliterated by his own hand – has been active in the DC Universe for three decades and tangled with almost every DC hero. Volleying between antihero and full-blown villain, Lobo is currently found in the pages of Justice League of America, contracted by Batman to remain on the team as payment for liberation from Amanda Waller’s Task Force X.

Given the extreme nature and foul language Lobo is known for, this project could very well earn an R-rating.

Stay tuned to see if this deal becomes official.

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