[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Colorist: Jason Wright



At the end of the last issue, Hal and Kyle had been captured by Zod and imprisoned.  We quickly learn that Kyle has suffered some very serious internal injuries.  Hal determines that they haven’t been captured because of who they are, but rather that Zod is after their rings.  Zod has the Eradicator analyzing their rings while preventing them from sending distress calls.

Hal then reminds Kyle of the unique properties of his ring.  Hal forged his own ring from his will and it is thus a part of him.  This means that even if it is being restrained, will still respond to Hal’s mental commands.  And, that’s exactly what happens.  The ring blasts out of its confinement and right through the head of the Eradicator examining it.  It finds it way to Hal and provides him the means to escape.  Kyle is still in bad shape and Hal realizes it’s going to be a difficult trip for  Kyle.  As they try to escape they come across group of natives.  They try to explain they will return with help to overthrow Zod, but Kyle realizes that these natives worship Zod and turn to attack.

Hal understands that Kyle is in no condition to fight and makes a decision Kyle doesn’t agree with.  Kyle tells Hal to leave him behind, and go get help.  Instead, Hal puts the ring on Kyle’s finger and tells the ring to put all it has into keeping Kyle together and get him home safely.  Hal then surrenders.  When Kyle arrives at the headquarters of the Corps, he immediately tells John and Guy that Hal needs a rescue!


Robert Venditti always seems to be able to tell a compelling story, no matter the length or depth of an issue.  Not a lot happens, but the characterization goes a long way in selling the drama of the tale.  Even Zod appears compelling in his appearance here.  When he interacts with Hal, it seems he has an expectation of honor that doesn’t always come through in his portrayals.

Hal Jordan gets the spotlight this issue with his heroic sacrifice.  True heroes are usually depicted as making these types of decisions, policemen, firemen, servicemen.  He thinks of Kyle first and is willing to put his life on the line for the greater good.  Whatever else one may think of Hal’s depiction, one cannot deny the heroism in his actions this issue.

What can one say about Ethan Van Sciver.  Has he ever drawn a book that didn’t look great?  It’s always a pleasure to read a book drawn by this wonderful artist.



As much as I’d like to be able to provide an alternate opinion.  I can’t come up with one.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps continues to chug along with great characterization, exciting action and intriguing situations.  Hal’s in trouble and there’s no doubt he will be rescued, but it’s more about the how.  This story line seems linked to what’s going on in Action Comics right now with the “Booster Shot” arc.  Perhaps, there will be some grand unified action that links them!


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