Review: Black Lightning 1×05 – “And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Rose Troche

Writers: Tony Isabella

Starring: Cress Williams , Nafessa Williams , China Ann McClain ,Christine Adams, James Remar, Damon Gupton and Marvin Jones III


An unexpected phone call unearths the long-buried need for Jefferson (Cress Williams) to investigate the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Annisa (Nafessa Williams) wrestles with the fact that her actions have dire consequences. Lastly, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) learns the importance of controlling her temper – in all situations.


We find out in the first few minutes that Gambi has been hiding a secret life where he knows Tobias Whale, and this peace over the ten years was more of an understanding than Jefferson giving up Black Lightning. This episode finds Jefferson and Tobias dealing with their fathers. Where Jefferson helps Anissa find out more about her grandfather, Tobias deals with the wretched grip his father has had on him and why he is hellbent on killing Black Lightning.

Jennifer fights off two girls without getting a scratch, showing off her natural ability to fight. I had a feeling one of his daughters would start to show her prowess, but now both have, which makes the rest of the season an interesting story to unfold. “The one thing you can’t take away from me, is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me”, is the quote Jefferson uses to invoke a lesson about self-control, and this proves to be one Jefferson has used throughout each episode and one his daughters are starting to understand on their own.

Lastly, Anissa gets involved in the story her grandfather got killed for, utilizing her newly found powers, and slowly puts her first superhero costume together, one that looks like she stepped off a runway.



The ghosts that haunt Tobias reveal insecurities that show him in a different light, one which actually makes me sympathize with him. Although this may be a good thing, it feels off balance at this point in the season, one I am pretty sure the writers will course correct in future episodes.


Watch as soon as you can!