Review: Deadman #4

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written, Drawn & Colored by: Neal Adams



From behind the scenes rises “He Who Is Always There,” Ra’s al Ghul, the very worst option before or after the death of Boston Brand. No path, no future will remain uncorrupted as long as Ra’s al Ghul remains alive. Deadman would be better off if he halted his quest before death is the best of two options.


There’s certainly lots of misdirection and secrets that create many twists and turns to keep things interesting.   Adams’ art is beautiful as always.  It’s interesting that Boston was able to figure out the untruths being told that escaped the Spectre’s senses.



As the story approaches a finale, it seems more and more thrown together.  Perhaps, this is how it was planned all along, but there will have to be an even bigger final reveal for the truth behind all this.  Why does Ra’s need Aaron?  Will there be a meaningful reason for Boston as he discovers the truth, or will he not grow from this particular journey.

There’s a lot left to sort out in two issues and it feels like the story needs more than that to adequately resolve all the plot threads.


Neal Adams’ art is always beautiful.  This does not change.  However, the story is a bit of a mixed bag.  While the surprises keep things interesting, there may not be enough pages left to finish this story off in a satisfying fashion.  This could be the turn off issue for some, but there’s enough potential in the concept to stick around for the last two issues.


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