‘Titans’ Has Found The Doom Patrol’s Robotman

by Jay
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The Doom Patrol is coming to DC’s live action adaptation of Titans, and it has found its Robotman.

Actor Jake Michaels is the latest addition to the cast of the new television project based on the premiere team of former teenage sidekicks, the Teen Titans. The inclusion of the Doom Patrol, on which the character of Beast Boy first belonged, has generated some excitement since executive producer Geoff Johns made the announcement. Soldado actor Bruno Bichir has been cast as The Chief, the doctor who leads the Patrol and employs highly unorthodox tactics in order to train his metahuman team members in the use of their powers.

Michaels’ character, whose real name is Cliff Steel, gains his mechanical body in the comics thanks to The Chief after his original form is all but destroyed in a car accident, save for his organic brain. It is possible fans will see that transformation following Steel’s debut in the fifth episode of the first season. Another Doom Patrol team member cast is Elasti-Girl, played by fellow unknown April Bowlby, who will also debut in episode 5. Her character is known for her shape and size-changing abilities.

Separate from The CW’s Arrowverse, Titans will be the springboard for DC’s new streaming service. Besides casting news, there have been rumors of villain Ra’s Al Ghul making an appearance on the series, as well as current Robin Damian Wayne, who is also Ra’s’ grandson. This could make sense given we will see Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) transition from Robin to Nightwing in the series. Although we’ve seen a photo of Thwaites as Robin, which has generated some excitement, we have yet to see the uniform for Nightwing.

Titans is set to debut later this year.

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