Aquaman Has Already Been Test-Screened

by Cameron Tevis
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Aquaman isn’t set to be released for almost a year, but after the disappointing box office of Justice League, Warner Bros. aren’t taking any chances. Allowing for ample time to make any changes, Warner Bros. already held a test screening of the film.

Even though it was too early to have the visual effects or musical soundtrack complete, that didn’t prevent the viewer reactions from being very positive.

Key takeaways from the viewing have been:

  • Jason Momoa wears the iconic costume from the comic books
  • Black Manta’s costume is spot on, but he is actually the secondary villain
  • They don’t use the air bubble to speak like they did in Justice League
  • The evil deep-sea creatures known as The Trench appear

With Star Wars-level action and battles set under water, humor, a tone similar to Wonder Woman and even elements of horror, this film sounds like it has everything. From the sounds of it, this could be the next hit for DC Comics and Warner Bros… as long as the executives at WB don’t hack it up like they have all of the DC movies except Wonder Woman (which was the most successful one yet, go figure).

Aquaman will hit theaters December 21, 2018

Directed by: James Wan
Starring: Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe

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