Review: Black Lightning 1×05 – “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Benny Boom

Writers: Charles Holland

Starring: Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, China Ann McClain, Christine Adams, James Remar, Damon Gupton and Marvin Jones III



Jefferson is on the hunt for his father’s killer, while Anissa uses her new powers to rectify a wrong after a protest fails. Jennifer grapples with some difficult choices. Elsewhere, Gambi begs for help from Lynn.


One of the first things we find out in the episode is how Black Lightning’s powers work, as the viewer gets a scientific view, a rare “how to” in the superhero world.  The audience also gets to dig deeper into the mystery of who exactly Gambi is, as Lady Eve pays a visit and hints that he is more central to how Freeland operates than most would believe.

The tangled web that Tobias continues to spin on Khalil, as he starts to antagonize him, leads to much of that disgust, hate and blame falling on Jennifer, who is the unfortunate “fall girl” as she also deals with the same girls in the last episode, attempting to instigate trouble. The best part of the episode is the fight between Jefferson and Anissa, where Anissa more than holds her own, but neither realize who the other is until the very end.


The fallout of Jefferson and Lynn keeping his identity secret from his daughters has some unintended consequences, where it seeps into Anissa becoming Thunder, which feels somewhat anticlimactic. The other negative I found is Tobias actually killing his father, which is told through flashbacks. His death seems too soon, as it would be nice to see that relationship unravel over a few episodes.



Definitely check this out as the fight between the Pierce’s is more than worth the watch!



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