Joelle Jones Tweets Catwoman’s Wedding Dress Designs

When it comes to the big day, all girls want that dress that says the most about them and how far they’ll go for their spouse. Selina Kyle is no different, and through artist Joelle Jones, the bride of the bat will soon ‘say yes to the dress’.

But before the big unveiling in Batman #44, Jones revealed via Twitter some rejected bridal gown designs. As you can see, he’s trying to convey that Selina isn’t big on white and has mixed in a lot of blacks in different patterns.

Catwoman has walked the line between good and evil for decades, and has become a mix of both in recent years. The imagery mirrors the idea of yin and yang. In these passed over designs, the message he’s projecting is that this is who Selina Kyle is and who she will always be. She doesn’t do lily white, and the gown has to reflect that.

Pick up your copy of Batman #44 on April 4th.


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