Review: Trinity #19

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: James Robinson

Artists: Jack Hebert & Gabe Eltaeb



“No Home for you Here” part three! War has erupted on Skartaris, and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are caught in the middle and fighting for their very survival! As Deimos’ army lays siege to Shamballah, Jennifer Morgan reveals the core of the conflict to the Trinity: control of time itself! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion that will leave the fate of one of the closest confidants of our heroes in deadly question!



The interior art is by Jack Hebert with colors Gabe Eltaeb; it’s quite good. The various characters, especially the Trinity, look great. They’re defined and expressive. I’m not in love with some of the skimpy outfits but it’s not exploitative or anything.

I like that how manipulation is played into the story. The Trinity are used and misdirected for a specific purpose in the battle. But then the Trinity uses deception and manipulation during the interrogation. That is neat.



I don’t really like the cover. The concept is solid and Deimos looks good. But the heroes look off especially Wonder Woman. I have no idea what her body is doing. The proportions look strange and she’s twisting around in a weird way. The faces aren’t that detailed with Superman look especially weird in that regard.

I don’t love the idea that Diana is a warrior above anything else. That isn’t how I see Wonder Woman. Some people like that more violent take and that’s fine but it isn’t for me. I love Diana kicking ass but I never see it as her preferred method. I prefer a more compassionate Diana that uses violence as a last resort. That makes her more unique and sympathetic as a hero. All the talk about a battlefield being a paradise to her seems really off to me.

The issue is kind of boring. There is way too much narration. I understand the framing device and what it leads to but I wish some of that action didn’t have so many text boxes. Most of the time, I knew exactly what was going on and what the characters were thinking. The narration makes the issue very tedious to read.



I did not really enjoy this issue. The art is solid and enjoyable to look at. But the narration is very obvious and the story loses a lot of impact because of it in my opinion. I also don’t really like the characterization of Diana in this; she’s a little too blood thirsty for me. Overall, the issue is underwhelming.


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