[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Bruno Redondo & Mike S. Miller

Inks: Juan Albarran & Mike S. Miller

Colors: Rex Lokus and J. Nanjan



Solovar and Ra’s al Ghul maintain their alliance to defend Gorilla City against an insurrection by Grodd and his forces.  Ra’s has developed a dampener that prevents Grodd from using his telepathic powers.  Ra’s knows he needs Solovar to remain king of Gorilla City because of the alliance that’s been forged and the safety Ra’s group has in Gorilla City.  Subsequently, Ra’s launches Amazo to destroy Delhi, India as the first assault against the world.

Then two things that portend great consequences happen.  Damian contacts Wonder Woman in Khandaq, informing her of the attack and Brother Eye alerts Batman to the attack.  Wonder Woman and Black Adam set out for Delhi and Batman puts out the call to all current and reserve Justice League members.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Conner and Cassie get the call as well.  Conner decides that he is going to try and help despite Amazo’s easy decapitation of Zod and Conner’s own weakened state due to the recent heart transplant surgery.  However, Ma and Pa Kent come forward to make a plea, but instead of trying to talk Conner out of it, they present him with one of Clark’s earliest Superboy costumes to wear in order to inspire hope.



Apparently, Daimian has decided to stand against his grandfather to the extent that he’s got Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Supergirl on his side.  This will surely bring these characters to fight along side Batman’s group when they face off against Amazo in Delhi.  It’s great to see Damian go against Ra’s and this set up is the perfect dramatic plot element.

Conner Kent in the classic super-suit is hopeful.  Perhaps, when Damian sees him it will trigger the right emotions in Damian to bring these two together for an alliance that will bridge the divide between Damian and his father, Batman.

Wonder Woman’s desire to keep Kara from revealing herself is a nice nod to her first incarnation, as Superman utilized the same strategy.  He wanted to keep her hidden as a secret weapon.  It’s not hard to imagine the Girl of Steel streaking in from out of nowhere in this world to make a difference, quickly and decisively.



Not much negative here, just a suspicion that the hopeful elements are misdirection and more of the heroes will meet a terrible end.



Injustice 2 #22 is a solid issue that continues to develop Damian’s conscience while looking forward to an eventual intersection with his father.  There’s a bit of hope here, but the world of Injustice is tainted, and it’s hard to tell if this hope is genuine or just misdirection that will make the failure of the heroes more devastating.



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