Penguin/Random House Releases Wedding Album This Fall–Guess Who It’s For!

by Shaina Lucas
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There’s a book coming to us this fall, and it’s no longer a secret. A solicitation for a DC collection entitled Batman/Catwoman Wedding Album is now posted on Penguin/Random House’s retail site. The album is listed for a September 18th, 2018 release date but the content of the collection are not yet known. This comes as a bit of a shock since the book was previously unknown and here it is out of the blue.

The listing includes an unlettered page from Batman #24 as a cover. As we all know, Batman #24 was the issue where Batman finally proposed to Catwoman. The creators of the collection are listed as Tom King and Mikel Janin with 96 pages of content. Also listed is a previously unsolicited collection of comics from Batman #45-50, which is planned for an October 30th, 2018 release. This collection must be the juicy details leading up to the wedding (maybe even Tim Seeley’s one shot?) if you want them all in one place.

It’s unclear at the moment if the Batman/Catwoman Wedding Album will be a reprint of previously available material or a collection of new content. Or it could be both; we don’t know.

This certainly isn’t DC’s first wedding album since in 1996 DC released a star-studded Superman: The Wedding Album anthology. This album was reprinted back in 2016 with a new cover by Ryan Sook.

Are you excited for this album and the impending wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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