Review: Aquaman #34

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoliers]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Kelley Jones

Colors: Michelle Madsen



As Corum Rath is told of Aquaman and the rebellion’s successful attack on the barrier surrounding Atlantis, he begins to think about his childhood.

He remembers the hard life he led which led him to wanting power. But now his desire for more power is beginning to consume him to the point where he disregards warnings from his closest advisors.

Aquaman Cover 34- DC Comics News


Abnett finally sheds some light on Corum Rath’s background. Up to this point little is known about the tyrant king, but finally we delve into his past to reveal a little about why the way he is.

The last two arcs, the intention was to paint Corum Rath as a despot, tyrant leader, but unfortunately, he just came more across as a responsible leader with goals for his country and their place in the world. Rath had a small hint of tyranny once but it seemed as if the people of Atlantis had no real reason to fear the new king.  It seemed they judged him more on what he might do rather than what he claimed he wanted to do or what he had accomplished. But this issue we finally see the fears of the people realized when he chooses to embrace the power of the Abyssal Dark and even let his last friend fall victim to it.


After two arcs with different yet similarly beautiful and cinematic art styles by Stjepan Sejic and Riccardo Federici, the new arc begins with a plummet in the quality of the artwork. Kelley Jones artwork might not come off as that bad if it wasn’t followed immediately by those two, but the comparison leaves fans disappointed in the new artwork.


I have really enjoyed the last two arcs but wish there had been more reason to dislike Corum Rath. This new issue and new arc looks to be headed in that direction. But unfortunately, now the art suffers. However, if this arc can give a powerful conclusion to the entire saga, then it will be worth the read.

Cameron Tevis

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