Gotham Season 4 Set Photos Show A Cameron Monaghan Surprise

Cameron Monaghan probably didn’t expect to become this popular, but he sure is now! There have been multiple speculations about his character whether he is the Joker, or not, or what exactly is going on here. But he’s certainly gleefully laughing now since a collection of photos of Gotham‘s Season 4 has been released, and they’re pretty cryptic. It appears to be his character Jerome but in proper Joker makeup.

Obviously, we can’t have anything Batman-related without the Clown Prince of Crime making an appearance, and he’s certainly made his presence felt on the FOX series even though he hasn’t made his debut yet. Which, in my opinion, we hope not since Joker shows up way after Batman has been established. Since joining Gotham as Jerome, Monaghan has been presumed as the guy to become the Joker. He hasn’t officially been given the name yet, and Monaghan and the show’s producers have said that Jerome is NOT the Joker. However, Jerome and Joker’s connection will be quite surprising. We can’t wait to see what that’s about! The latest Season 4 set photos could shed some light on the subject.

They’ve cemented the fact Valeska is not Joker so they can’t backtrack their statements now. Gotham Hub has released some set photos–proving that Jerome will be some sort of version of the iconic villain. With a wide-brimmed fedora, that beautiful white skin and dazzling smile (oh boy I gotta stop) Gotham‘s Joker looks like a love child of Mistah J from the animated series and Jack Nicholson’s Jack Napier in Batman 1989 (did somebody turn up the heat because whoo is it hot in here!). No matter what “Joker” is going to be causing some trouble for Jimbo and the GCPD in a dramatic standoff.

If you’re not sure what’s going on here, it may be possible that the real joker replaced Valeska and killed him off to make room to become the ruler of Gotham’s criminal empire. Comic fans have long been privy to Joker imposters and multiple Jokers throughout the storylines. Hell, there was even a fan theory that Jared Leto’s Joker was not the real thing in Suicide Squad. But it looks like some Joker version will be making his appearance and siding in with the rest of Gotham’s Rogue’s Gallery. Even better, Gotham‘s Season 4 finale is entitled “No Man’s Land,” and we might be seeing an adaptation of the famous 1999 story. Makes sense if Joker’s arrival is teamed up with a cataclysmic event and gives us some material for Season 5 (if it gets renewed, numbers aren’t looking too hot) to work with.

Stay tuned, Gotham returns tonight on FOX!

Shaina Lucas

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