[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Daniel Sampere

Inks: Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus



In the traditional DC Universe, the Justice League unites to face the world’s greatest threats be they alien invaders or human would be world conquerors.  The world of Injustice is very different from that tradition.  It is fragmented and factioned with traditional heroes and villains on both sides of the lines.  Last issue, Ra’s al Ghul unleashed Amazo on Delhi, India.  Injustice 2 #23 opens showing the unparalleled destruction and loss of life.  Batman’s team has arrived to attempt to stop the android.  Green Arrow and Black Canary attempt to evacuate as many people as possible while Superboy, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Steel (Natasha Irons) arrive to put a physical stop to Amazo.

Brother Eye has scanned Amazo looking for points of weakness and gives Batman the bad news that there are no detectable weaknesses and the Android has the combined powers of the Justice League.  Superboy, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Steel give Amazo plenty of attention, but it isn’t enough as Amazo ends up in front of Green Arrow and Black Canary.  Amazo appears to fry them with heat vision but, out of nowhere a flash of red carries them to safety.  Barry Allen has returned to lend a hand despite the restrictions on the use of his powers.

The League isn’t back together yet, but Batman puts out a call to Ray Palmer, and the Atom arrives to go inside the android to look for another way of taking down Amazo.  What he finds is startling and he suddenly has to fend off an attack by nanites.  Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Black Adam have arrived to lend a hand, and for a moment, with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superboy together, it appears the League may be back.

In Gorilla City, Damian, Vixen and Animal Man finally decide to make a move against Ra’s, but not without facing and turning that “other Batman” who’s been a mystery since issue #1.  It turns out its Jason Todd, and he’s going to stand with Damian!



Injustice 2 #23 features a classic Justice League villain and an informal reunion of the League itself, less a couple members.  However, the feel of it is present.  This series has been making the most of this alternate timeline, and this issue is no exception.  There are stories that can’t be told in the main DC Universe because there’s a certain immutability to the status quo.  This series is free to make some changes and show different path for some of these characters that still resonate with their iconic versions.

Green Arrow’s “small nuke arrow” and Black Canary’s reaction to it provide a quick humorous moment in a very serious situation.  The Flash’s appearance is very welcome and really gives the first sign that the Justice League may be reuniting.  It’s a real sign of hope for this beleaguered world.

Jason’s reveal is appropriate and makes sense, as does his standing with Damian in the end.  Perhaps, the Bat-family is reuniting as well.


This series has developed into one of the most interesting series around rarely has any negatives.




It feels like Batman’s team may finally be able to come together and bring back the hope and mission of the Justice League as the common enemy appears to be too much for everyone to ignore.  Ra’s has introduced a method of indiscriminate killing that will not be allowed to continue by these heroes who have been divided.  This issue has a hopeful feel and while acknowledging human shortcomings, plays to the characters inherent heroic nature.


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