Review: Cyborg #21

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Pencils: Tom Berenick and Scott Kolins



While on mission in Hawaii, Cyborg comes across a group a armored machines that are going to war with each other! Cyborg attempts to intervene and stop the assault, but becomes damaged in the fight! Taken captive by a mysterious organization that seems obsessed with mixing human and technological parts to build to ultimate machine. Is Cyborg actually the key to unlocking the mysteries of man and machine?


This book was exciting from beginning to end and I enjoyed it. Marv holds nothing back with showing how powerful Cyborg is in this issue. It seems that this unknown organization’s obsession with Cyborg has been long in the making. The leader of this organization who’s face is usually hidden, seems obsessed with knowing why did Silas Stone, who created Cyborg mixed technology with a human interface to begin with. It seems that this organization wants to not only prolong human life–but to turn it into a weapon. At the end of our issue, we find Cyborg captured and being studied on, and there’s no escape.


I have no negatives about this book. The story was told great, the action was throughout the book and Tom and Scott do a wonderful job with the artwork. Each page is masterfully done and really comes alive with each page. Tom and Scott do a wonderful job of showing such emotion with each character no matter how essential they are to the story. This is my first time reviewing an issue with these artists I believe but I definitely hope it’s not my last–their work was awesome!



Overall I thought Cyborg #21 was a great read! Not to complain but I’m glad that Cyborg is finally free of the doubts about himself that he had before in previous issues. It seems that Victor finally accepts who he is as man and machine and I think that part is what I enjoyed best about this book. We finally have Cyborg being sure of himself and being confident in who he is. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue!


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