Review: Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #4

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer Mark Russell

Artist Mike Feehan

Cover Artist Ben Caldwell

Sasquatch Detective: Written by Brandee Stillwell and Drawn by Gus Vasquez



Snagglepuss is being dragged before the House committee for Un-American Activities. He, as a humanoid, married to a beard, who is in a relationship with a Cuban man, is not really keen on going. However, in this book he comes to grips with some of his issues. It is pretty touching.

Huck and QuickDraw have a lot going on. It is so riddled with spoilers that I can not begin to explain. Just read.

School children in Nevada get to learn what an agitator is from Gigi Allen. They have a lot of questions. As will you. Like, “Why would Gigi Allen be allowed near children?” All will be revealed.


Readers of DCN will no doubt be sick of reading my praise for Mark Russell’s cleverness, though I’m not sick of heaping it on. Check out this gem. “Sometimes, being stupid gives you a real edge.” Or this doozy,  “This is a democracy, the truth is the last thing you want people to have.”  Seriously, if you have not read anything by Mark Russell then you are missing out. He manages to drop humor bombs (and in this book actual bombs) and follow them up with horrific, stomach hurting tragedy.

Honestly, this is the best book of the series and it is the least funny. I was totally moved by everything that happened. The secret of Gigi Allen. The time in Doom Town. The moment that Huck realizes something horrible. Each of these things could be a stand alone story line. In fact, I would be keen on reading any or all of those as stand alone stories.

Can we spend a minute on Ben Caldwell’s cover? Well, we are going to. It is so perfect. There are a handful of posterized covers in the past few years. Jim Lee’s Katana cover from the first run of the new Suicide Squad and this spring to mind as art that transcends comics.



Once again, the Sasquatch Detective story is just out of place. There are so many side characters in this book that could get stand alone stories. I just wish this were somewhere else. It is not bad, it is just different in every possible way from this book.



This book is so good. If you are not reading you need to and then tell 5 people you know to read it. I bring it up in conversation all the time. I start with, “Do you remember Snagglepuss?” It always works. Listen, there are only two more to go. Don’t be the person who picks this up after it wins a ton of awards.



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