Review: Justice League of America #28

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Hugo Petrus



The Justice League of America thanks to Chronos are trapped back in time! Chronos has gone back in time to pursue and murder Ahl–the god of superheroes. It was Ahl’s first appearance on Earth thousands of years ago that gave humans the inspiration to become superheroes in the first place. If Chronos murders Ahl, then that means that all superheroes throughout Earth’s history will cease to exist!


Steve Orlando really places Chronos in the spotlight in this issue. Although regarded by many heroes especially the Atom as just a common thief, Chronos steps things up here by bringing the god of superheroes to heel! Immediately after the arrival of the League, the see a horde of ancient warriors from all different time periods, ready to attack. Chronos has Ahl chained and beaten and he’s ready to make the final blow against the alien visitor. The Atom, Ryan Choi steps up and engages Chronos and between him and The Ray I enjoyed myself. Ryan is finally stepping out of the shadows of his mentor Ray Palmer and it shows in this issue.


I have no negatives about this issue. The story is well told and exciting from start to finish, and I must admit I underrated just how good and interesting a villain Chronos is. For example, because of his manipulation of time he was able to fight Ahl for over ten years with his army and defeat him. The time period of ten years was actually just one minute on Earth! Hugo Petrus does an awesome job with the overall artwork of the issue as each page is full of color and emotion with every character. I’m becoming very much a fan of Petrus’ detail–especially when it comes to showing a characters emotions in an issue.


Overall, Justice League of America #28 was a great read! The book is action paced, the story is well done, and Ryan Choi really shows off as the Atom in this issue! The story isn’t over yet though as we find Ahl bloodied and defeated towards the end of the issue and I’m not sure what exactly that means for the League or for the future of Earth’s heroes! Definitely looking forward to the next issue!



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