[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Bruno Redondo

Inks: Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus



Things aren’t looking good for the heroes as Amazo has taken down Batman and Black Adam appears to be about to do with same with Wonder Woman.  As some of the heroes consider a strategic retreat.  In Gorilla City, Damian, Jason Todd, Vixen and Animal Man take their own steps against Ivo, Amazo’s creator.  Ivo claims he has to Ra’s al Ghul has his family he is being forced to do what Ra’s says lest he kill Ivo’s family.

Damian contacts Kara in Kandaq and tells her it’s time.

As Wonder Woman is going down against Amazo, she expounds the concept of there always being hope.  And sure enough, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle arrive.  Booster, sadly, goes down immediately.  Blue Beetle takes the fight to Amazo, but something grabs Amazo and abducts him extremely fast, so fast that no one was able to determine who it was or where they went.

Kara flies Amazo to the moon where Kara has a safe space to take on Amazo.  Meanwhile, Damian is getting Ivo to buy Kara a little bit of time by cutting Ra’s communications to the android.  Damian explains to Kara that since Amazo is made of a metal its integrity is vulnerable to heat and cold.  Blue Beetle makes it to the moon and unloads on Amazo giving Kara enough time to regroup and use alternating attacks of  heat vision and cold breath that weaken Amazo enough for a Super-punch to take him out!


Supergirl flying into action is a huge tonal shift for this title.  While the different groups of heroes have been trying to fight Ra’s and his plans, Supergirl brings the hope that has been so missing in this world.  It’s a great moment when Damian’s group in Gorilla City finally take action against Ra’s by going after Ivo.  This issue is more plot oriented and the path it takes are both satisfying and tantalizing in where it could lead this book.

There is one especially nice character moment in which Plastic Man checks on his son, Luke, both of whom have suffered damaging attacks from Amazo.


No negatives here, save that it’s more plot oriented than usual.



Hope is alive and well in the world of Injustice, it’s been slowly building and seems break out full-fledged in this issue.  Certainly, the war with Ra’s al Ghul is not over, as it’s been clear he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision.  But, how will the alliance against Ra’s take shape?  Will the heroes be able to put differences aside and support, not one, but two characters wearing the reviled Superman’s “S” shield?


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