Sean Murphy Sets Ground Rules For Possible Post-Batman: White Knight ‘Murphyverse’ Line

by Kimberly Melchor
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Writer/artist Sean Murphy has reached new heights with the Batman: White Knight miniseries, and he is looking ahead to the future – envisioning it as a line a la Frank Miller’s Dark Knight.

“DC informally calls it the Murphyverse. If I do a sequel and set up my own ‘rules’ in White Knight, here are my promises to the reader…,” he tweets. “1. When someone dies, they stay dead. Period. 2. Every book comes out on time. 3. No narration balloons, unless it’s a voice over in a flashback. 4. No excessive amounts of variants to burden comic shops. At most there will be 2: the main cover, and the variant for the super passionate collector. 5. There will be at least 1 awesome vehicle in each book. 6. No complicated tie ins to other series or events. White Knight will be easy to get into, whether you read comics or not.”

Neither DC nor Murphy have announced plans for a follow-up to White Knight, however at C2E2 Murphy said he planned to announce something at October’s New York Comic Con.

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