Justice Comes To Madam Tussaud’s Orlando

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This summer in Orlando, Florida, DC Comics fans will have the chance to stand and fight alongside the likes of Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and others in a revolutionary attraction at Madam Tussaud’s.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered with the infamous wax museum on behalf of DC Entertainment to create an original interactive experience for attendees. Entitled Justice League: A Call For Heroes, the attraction takes fans across Metropolis and Gotham alongside the Justice League to disable Lex Luthor’s megalomaniacal hold over the globe. Wonder Woman followers will assist the Amazonian Princess take down LexCorp’s technology that has crippled the city by harnessing their inner super power. From activating the Bat-Signal for The Dark Knight to catching a helicopter with the Man of Steel, the adventure is highly detailed with replica props and costumes taken from this past summer’s Justice League.

“Fans have never come close to the action,“ James Paulding, Madam Tussaud’s General Manager, enthusiastically conveys. “Madam Tussauds Orlando, together with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, have created a ‘Justice League’ experience you have to see to believe.”

In addition, Madam Tussaud’s Orlando has created a scavenger hunt for hardcore Justice League fans. Mother Boxes, dangerously powerful cubes from the alien world of Apokalips, have been hidden in five cities. The bravest of the brave must find these Mother Boxes and bring them to Madam Tussaud’s Orlando to avoid global extinction. For their efforts the winner and a friend of their choosing will receive a VIP experience that includes a five-day, four night stay in Orlando, as well as two tickets to Justice League: A Call to Heroes, as well as admission to Sea Life Orlando Aquarium and MegaCon Orlando. Join the hunt for the Mother boxes by following @tussaudorlando and #FindTheMotherBoxes on Instagram.

Catch this amazing experience when it debuts on May 25th, 2018.

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