Snyder’s Original 5 Film Superman Story

by Cameron Tevis
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DC Animated films director, Jay Oliva happened to also work as a storyboard artist on the DC films Man of Steel,  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. In a recent tweet, Oliva revealed what Snyder’s original plan was for Superman’s story.

Man of Steel was never meant to have a sequel because it was supposed to be chapter 1 of a 5 chapter story. Notice how BvS follows exactly after MoS? It’s like book two of Harry Potter.

Oliva then listed the five movies that would be chapters of the same story. He listed them in order of how they were meant to be seen. Unfortunately, he left out the title of the fifth movie leaving us all to speculate.

  1. Man of Steel
  2. Batman v Superman
  3. Justice League 1
  4. Justice League 2
  5. ???

This just adds to the frustration that comes from knowing we will never get to see Snyder’s full vision of these films.  Snyder once said that when it was all done audiences would be surprised at how connected they all were.  I, for one, believe him and think that after they were all made, they would have been looked at in a different light and more as a visionary masterpiece.

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