Review: Krypton 1×06 – “Civil Wars”

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Directed by: Kate Dennis

Written by: Doris Egan

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Ann Ogbomo, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Blake Ritson, Colin Salmon, Aaron Pierre



Adam Strange quickly recognizes Zod and he warns Seg that Zod is Superman’s greatest enemy.  But when Zod reveals that Brainiac’s collecting of Kandor is what actually causes the destruction of Krypton 200 years later, Seg finds himself faced with an impossible choice. Seg realizes he can help Zod stop Brainiac but Superman won’t be born or he can let Krypton continue down its path to destruction so that Superman, the universe’s greatest hero, can be born.

The Voice of Rao, who is now controlled by Brainiac, continues to indoctrinate Ona.

Daron-Vox, Nyssa and Jayna conspire to replace the Voice of Rao. They realize they will need more help and Jayna approaches Dev-Em.

Seg and Lyta - DC Comics News


This episode does a great job of showing how the consequences of the show can impact the DC Universe in the present. Zod becomes an important part of the story that actually looks heroic in his intentions.

The choice that Seg must make is a hopeless one but you can easily understand why he chooses the way he does. But the impact of his decision, regardless of what it is, is so significant that everything becomes that much more dramatic and intense.

The cameo by Doomsday is a great add-on. I don’t believe they will do anything further with that character, at least this season, but they don’t need to and it ties well into present day DC.

Ona - DC Comics News


This show is playing out more and more like a Game of Thrones knock-off. I am enjoying it, but it shouldn’t feel so obvious. A way they can differentiate themselves is though Brainiac. The lack of his presence detracts from his threat. But if they build on Brainiac, they could separate themselves from Game of Thrones while also building up the threat.

In Game of Thrones, the political backstabbing and warring houses can have a meaningful end. But in Krypton, the warring Houses are irrelevant when Brainiac arrives. Whether Brainiac is successful or not, life on Krypton will forever be changed once they all know he exists.

 Doomsday - DC Comics News


Last week’s episode felt like a step backwards, but this week’s episode got the show back on track.  When some questions were answered, even more questions followed which keeps the audience intrigued.   The cameos and links to the present day DC Universe really make this one of the better episodes.

Cameron Tevis

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