Review: Deathstroke #31

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan



While flying in a private plane to carry out a mission, Slade and Wintergreen have been shot down in the desert! Separated and having to survive, Deathstroke will have to face more than just dangerous mercenaries–he’ll have to encounter Batman!


Right from the start Priest shows you a brief comparison between Batman and Deathstroke. Told from the point of view of Slade’s son Joseph and Dick Grayson, Priest gives us a brief look at what’s it’s like to be raised under each. Both men are very different in background and upbringing obviously but it’s their sheer will that makes them more alike than anything. Priest teases us a little by giving us an encounter between the two in the desert but it’s not quite what you think. I was excited for a moment, but that soon was reduced to laughing as Deathstroke did something to Batman I didn’t exactly expect.


I have no negatives about this book. The story is told well and the action is fast paced and tense, as you can tell than an encounter between the two will happen again eventually. Priest shows us this in two forms–one in Deathstroke’s point of view and another in Bruce’s. Now notice that I said Bruce instead of Batman because Priest has Bruce Wayne out of the suit mostly as he goes around Gotham asking questions and gathering intel on Slade and also on a Waynetech item that was stolen. Deathstroke on the other hand is in the fight of his life still trapped in the desert where he finally encounters the person who shot down his jet–Talia al Ghul!


Overall I’d say Deathstroke #31 was a good read! It seems that the paternity of Damian is really in question here, and while Slade is denying it–Batman wants answers! Priest gives us a startling revelation at the end of the book that makes me eager to read the next issue. I have to admit one thing–Talia al Ghul has a real particular taste in men!



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