Zack Snyder Shares Deleted ‘Justice League’ Photo To Celebrate Gal Gadot’s Birthday

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Godot recently celebrated her 33rd birthday. To celebrate, Zack Snyder posted a deleted scene photo of Gadot from Justice League.

Snyder again shared the image below via his VERO account.

The image appears to show Diana visiting the temple that Queen Hippolyta shot the flaming arrow into as a warning to her daughter that danger was coming.

It’s no secret a large amount of footage was cut from the original “Snyder cut” following the demands made by Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara to trim the movie to the two-hour mark.

Once again Snyder has given fans a glimpse into what was originally intended, it’s such a shame that more of these scenes couldn’t have been added to the Blu-ray/DVD release as deleted scene extras.

Rob Towsey

Rob Towsey

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