Online Leaks Hint At A Superman Video Game From Rocksteady

Rumors surface on an online message board from an anonymous source stating that Rocksteady is working on a Superman game. The game is rumored to be announced very soon, possibly at E3 in June.

Video game developer Rocksteady is a well respected developer in the industry in large part for their award-winning series of Arkham games based on the Bat-Universe. The games have become very influential to other developers and are widely considered to be among the best comic book video games of all time.

An anonymous post on 4chan revealed some details regarding the developers next project. Take a look at the details from the post:

– Made by Rocksteady
– Unreal Engine 4
– Big open world Metropolis(about 3 times the size of Arkham Knight with a lot more buildings)
– Can’t play as Clark Kent
– Main villain is Brainiac
– Nerfed Superman (TAS Levels)
– Semi-destructible environments(think AK, no buildings are falling over)
– Combat system integrates the flying (kind of like DBZ, you can punch someone then zoom towards them and repeat)
– Set within the Arkhamverse
– Tons of easter eggs to Superman’s lore, and some to the events that took place in the Batman Arkham Franchise

Rocksteady and WB Montreal are also working on a joint multiplayer game (Hence the multiplayer hirings on Rocksteady’s site). This is for a planned Justice League game down the road. They had to nail Superman first. Announcement should be incoming about a couple weeks before E3. (One of those “see more/gameplay at E3 type of reveals)

Of course there is a lot to be excited about…if it’s true. Although this post is not a confirmation from the developer itself, it is not unusual for studios to leak information on an upcoming project prior to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

E3 will be taking place in Los Angeles the week of June 12th with press conferences from industry giants the weekend before. It is possible that this game might show up during one of those conferences but those are always designed to surprise fans and press alike.

Is it possible that Superman will be redeemed after Superman 64?

Joseph Marcas

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