Gotham Drops New Jeremiah Trailer–And It’s Amazing

by Shaina Lucas
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During Season 3 Gotham seemed to drop off in amazingness and lost a lot of viewers. But with the resurgence of Jerome things seem to be picking back up for Season 4. Now the show is back to the amazing quality it once was during the first season. We won’t spoil things for you if you’re not caught up this season but Gotham has released a new trailer regarding the Jerome/Joker relationship. After watching the video, we have some spoilers ahead so watch it first!



OH. MY. GOD. What was that brilliant piece of work we just saw? Jeremiah has gone full Joker! Now, this is not the traditional canon story we all know and love for our beloved Mistah J. It seems that Gotham maybe tying in the new canon of the three Jokers. So we’ll have to wait and see if Jeremiah is one of them even though it seems he pretty much is. And if you watch closely, you can see a woman standing with Jeremiah after she shoots two Wayne Industries guards. Could this be our future Harley? Who knows! Continue watching this season folks and hopefully, all our questions will be answered before the season’s end. Or at least we hope before the series finale, whenever that will be.

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