[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written and Illustrated by: Sean Murphy

Colors by: Matt Hollingsworth


As Batman and the GCPD go on the offensive against Neo-Joker, Jack Napier’s psyche bounces back and forth between Joker and Napier. Fortunately for Batman and all of Gotham, Joker wants to stop Neo-Joker as much as Napier.

The Joker finally comes face-to face with Neo-Joker which causes the release of a very angry Clayface. Clayface immediately charges after Joker while Harley takes on Neo-Joker herself.

Joker reverts to Napier temporarily and confesses all of his crimes and turns himself in.

Batman and the bat-family read Alfred’s letter together before Batman confronts Harley with what he knows happened from the very beginning.

White Knight 8_1 - DC Comics News


This was an action-packed issue that saw all the loose ends tied-up nicely. There were many emotional scenes that were very well done, from Napier willing to sacrifice himself to Batman and the bat-family giving each other strength to read Alfred’s letter.

The last few pages were full of great scenes and realizations. Gotham was changed for the better by what Napier did, Batman had to come to terms with the toll that life was taking on him and Harley turns out to be much more of a genius than anyone expected.

White Knight 8_2 - DC Comics News


I can honestly say I don’t have a negative about this issue other than the fact that it ended. This mini-series was fantastic.




This issue concludes one of the best Batman stories I have read in years. I would easily put this in the top five Batman stories of all time, among the likes of The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke.  I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but it was a unique take that took risks that not only paid off but were entertaining and thought provoking as well.  I cannot recommend this mini-series enough to anyone but especially to Batman fans.


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