Krypton Reveals the Green Lantern Corps and Justice League Exist

With only 10 episodes for the season, Krypton has managed to connect the series to the DC Universe a surprisingly amount.

In the first seven episodes we have already seen the terror that is Brainiac, were introduced to General Zod, saw a cryogenically frozen Doomsday and of course met Adam Strange.

In episode 7, titled “Transformation” we also learn from Adam Strange that the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps do in fact exist in this universe.JLA - DC Comics News

Filled with doubt of his own abilities to complete the mission,  Adam Strange mentions to Val-El that “I can’t fly, have no superhuman strength, no power ring.” But he came to save Superman so the Justice League would notice him.

Of course, being a time travel series set in the DC Universe, these realizations shouldn’t be that big of a surprise, but it is exciting to think of the potential possibilities.Green Lantern - DC Comics News

Any Green Lantern appearance makes sense since they are the galactic police. A confrontation between General Zod and the Green Lantern guarding Krypton’s sector could be very intriguing since Zod blames the Lanterns for failing to protect Krypton.

Cameron Tevis

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