DC Announces Big Changes Coming To Titles–Dubbed “Creative Refresh”

DC’s upcoming creative team shake-ups are being referred to internally as a “creative refresh”. Although it’s not quite a “fresh start”, it will bring new blood to spruce up some titles.

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp will give us a new Green Lantern #1. Rob Williams is replaced on Suicide Squad by Brian Azzarello. Kelly Sue DeConnick replaces Dan Abnett on Aquaman. We get a David F Walker Flash comic. And probably a Justice Foundation comic from Steve Orlando. Sadly there won’t be a Matt Fraction Jimmy Olsen comic, but hopefully down the line.

Call it what you will, even a Rebirth if you want, but advice may be given to new and upcoming creators wanting to get their foot in the door with DC Comics may start with ‘move to Portland.’

These new creative teams could be new takes on the characters that will bring fans to comics shops!

What titles would you like to see “refreshed?” Let us know in the comments!