Batman/Superman and Joker Killing Joke Q-Figs Coming This Summer

Coming this summer from the team over at QMx are two new Q-Figs, which may possibly be my personal favourite yet.

Firstly, is the highly amusing Batman/Superman flying Q-Fig which features a smiling Superman carrying a not so impressed Batman through the clouds. This is accompanied by the Joker from Killing Joke which features a base with chattering teeth and “HA” all around, striking a familiar pose from the book.

Both will be available from June with the Joker running at $15 while the Batman/Superman figure pair will run at $30.

Check out the images below:

A smiling Superman carries the reluctant Batman through the clouds in the latest Q-Fig MAX from QMx.

The complex relationship between the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight of Gotham is summed up in this charming diorama inspired by the Rebirth versions of the characters.

An ingenious cloud base allows for Superman to fly while Batman dangles in his grip. Batman frowns at the thought of being transported by his super friend while Superman chatters on unaware of Batman’s irritation.

Based on the Joker as depicted in “The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore, the Q-Fig shows The Clown Prince of Crime in his traditional purple suit surrounded by his favourite toys, the chattering teeth. His manic laughter comes to life around him as his expression perfectly captures his trickster madness, hands on the sides of his head as if to hold the crazy in.

Rob Towsey

Rob Towsey

Husband, father and lover of all things DC. Big fan of the big three, Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman.