Review: Krypton 1×09 – “Hope”

by Cameron Tevis
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Directed by: Lukas Ettlin

Written by: Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Ann Ogbomo, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Blake Ritson, Colin Salmon, Aaron Pierre, Rasmus Kardiker



After losing Ona, Seg sends Kem to Kryptonopolis to mourn and to stay out of harms way. Seg and Lyta have a moment to talk about the future and if they can stop what’s coming.

Zod informs Lyta of his plan to release Doomsday in order to stop Brainiac.

After being handed over to Black Zero, Daron-Vex comes face to face Jax-Ur and his past catches up to him.

Seg and Jayna intercept Zod and Lyta and let them know they have already hidden Doomsday. However, Doomsday’s stasis chamber is deactivating and he is about to awaken. The guardians of the stasis chamber take it and plan to let Brainiac take Doomsday when he takes Kandor.

After being interrogated, Daron-Vex manages to escape. Lyta makes a hard decision when Jayna and Zod disagree. Seg comes up with a plan that could decide the fate of Kandor and all of Krypton.

Nyssa and Seg - DC Comics News


Seg’s character comes into his own as he leads an unlikely group. It really shows his leadership as well as the type of people that the El’s are, which in turn shows that Superman’s entire bloodline were heroes in one way or the other.

Most importantly, we finally have Brainiac. I think his character has been handled somewhat poorly in this show due to his lack of presence. But if was a great moment when he appeared.



There are a few things that bothered me about this episode. First, Lyta’s solution when she decides to take sides with General Zod seems a bit excessive. She could’ve easily done something else to stop Jayna.

But my primary problem with this episode is the implication that Zod and Kal-El are actually related. I’m not sure why that bothers me since it really doesn’t matter. But I just feel connecting them together too closely is a bad idea. If Superman didn’t always try to save everyone, then I would say it makes Superman have an inner battle to save his family. But I think that actually detracts from Superman. What makes Superman great is that he has the same level of caring and compassion for anyone even if they aren’t family. Zod gave the audience a way of seeing that when the two fought. Now it just seems Superman wants to save someone because they are family. It seems more noble for him to try so hard to save an unrelated villain.

Brainiac - DC Comics News


They took the action down a peg for the penultimate episode, but really set up what potentially could be a great final episode for the season.  I have my issues with the episode and series overall, but I still am enjoying the show and am excited to see how this season wraps things up. I think next episode will determine whether or not some of the flaws of the series were worth the wait.


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