Review: Supergirl 3×18 – “Shelter From the Storm”

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Antonio Negret

Writers: Lindsay Gelfand & Allison Weintraub

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks & Chyler Leigh



Reign hunts for Ruby while Supergirl and J’onn search for a way to defeat her.



The episode is very well shot. I loved the cinematography throughout. There’s a scene with Reign in which she is lit by fire that’s really gorgeous. The action at the end also looks great.

I like the importance put on the supporting cast. How Kara approaches the Reign situation is different lessons she has learned from her experiences with the other characters both in this episode and throughout the season. I love that Kara is clearly learning and evolving as a hero.

The end fight is pretty great. There’s a fun reference to Donner’s Superman film that was cool to see. The cape tricks continue to be the coolest thing. It is so much fun to watch Supergirl and Mon-El use their capes during the fight. It makes these action scenes a lot more unique.


Lena is starting to annoy me. Lena, and the show itself, is so judgmental towards Supergirl. At the end, Lena just goes on and on about how Supergirl can’t be trusted but Supergirl has to 100% trust Lena without question. It’s not even a matter of not trusting Lena, although I don’t think Kara does. Kara isn’t worried about Lena using it against her. She’s worried about the fact that someone could steal it or she could accidentally walk in on it. If she’s near Lena as Kara, that could expose her identity. This exact plot was used in season two. Martian Manhunter kept secret kryptonite just in case evil Kryptonians showed up and then Cadmus, led by Lena’s mother, stole it to make Metallo. The person with the kryptonite was wrong in that scenario so why is Lena being held to a different standard than J’onn?

The Mon-El stuff is just weird. I like them as friends; they have solid chemistry and it’s a dynamic that’s been working. I don’t like that they’re pushing this love triangle thing. I’m not even sure that Kara knows she’s in a love triangle. Most of it consists of sad and creepy looks from Mon-El and Imra.



Overall, the episode is solid. Lena has been so obnoxious these last two episodes and I’m pretty tired of the Mon-El love triangle. But the episode is able to remain fun and energetic with some cool action, great cinematography and solid character scenes with Kara and J’onn.


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