Review: Batman: Sins of the Father #4

Batman sins of the father review dc comics news
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Raffaele Ienco
In issue four of Batman: Sins of the Father we witness the two men behind the masks of Batman and Deadshot face off. Bruce Wayne and Floyd Lawton. Much of the story is set in Lawton’s home, Bruce Wayne has confronted Lawton in a cunning way to get him to shift his focus away from those who have come from Arkham, over to himself. You may pick this up early in the story, or progressively through the confrontation of the two characters. As the two go toe to toe, Lawton takes us back to his childhood which paints the story of how he became Deadshot and without giving away any spoilers, the connection between him and Thomas Wayne is revealed. Bruce’s plan doesn’t conclude in the manner that he would like, but the stage is set for a complicated face off.
The confrontation dominates the issue, being taken back through time to present the past of Deadshot was both interesting and confronting. The story plays out in a sequential fashion that is easy to follow and leaves you intrigued for more. The other great point to the story is that we get to see the detective at work, not as Batman, but as Bruce Wayne. A breath of fresh air, showing us how human he really is.
No physical action in this series, I love good ‘hand to hand’ combat in a Batman comic. The double spread kind, panel after panel of action. This issue is a little more tame, you could say it is action packed but in another way.
The back story of Floyd Lawton was required as part of the broader series, intriguing and interesting in how he is tied into the Wayne Family. A highly recommended book, get your copy and you won’t be disappointed.

Damian Fasciani

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