[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Colorist: Jason Wright



In light of the newly reformed Darkstars assembling a large army of individuals willing to use lethal force, the Green Lantern Corps is in a tricky situation of recruiting allies that will be of use against the Darkstars.  This takes Hal, Guy and John to seek out some questionable allies.

As the issue opens, we see the Darkstars are not deterred by the Green Lantern Corps one bit as they poach a Lantern’s prisoner in order to execute him on the spot and leave the Lantern in just as bad a shape.  On Earth, Hal Jordan successfully frees Hector Hammond from the watchful eye of the Atomic Skull.  It takes all Hal has in order to convince Hammond not to kill the Skull, despite the Skull’s attitude toward Hammond.  It is only Jordan’s promise of becoming a hero that stays Hammond’s hand.

On Jekuul, John Stewart, while having gained an audience with General Zod, is failing to convince Zod to help the Corps.  It’s only when Stewart tells Zod that Tomar-Tu, the son of the man (Tomar-Re) Zod blames for allowing Krypton’s destruction is a Darkstar that Zod really begins to listen.

Guy is with Arkillo, trying to convince him that he should assist.  Guy and Arkillo are friends, but Arkillo doesn’t believe any other Yellow Lantern will join him.  The conversation ends abruptly when Darkstars arrive.  It’s Tomar-Tu and he’s looking for a deputy, another who will is willing to use lethal force.  Arkillo immediately professes his loyalty to the Sinestro Corps, but Guy knows he’s the one Tomar-Tu is looking for.  Tomar-Tu offers and Guy accepts and receives Darkstar armor!



As this arc continues to explore the morality of capital punishment, this issue takes time to slow down the pace and provide some deep character moments for all the principles, Hal, John, Guy, Hector Hammond, Arkillo and General Zod.  Hammond has always wanted to be a hero and admired Jordan, and Hal uses this to his advantage.  Hal knows Hammond well, and he also knows he needs a powerful ally like Hammond to be effective against the Darkstars.


John offering up Tomar-Re’s son as the reason Zod should join in is a brilliant move and one that fits perfectly in with Zod’s characterization in recent months.  Guy recruiting Arkillo makes perfect sense considering their friendship and Arkillo’s power level.  Guy’s acceptance of the Darkstar armor is a complete surprise, so one has to wonder if it is a ruse on his part or part of John’s overall plan.

There is something that appears to be going on that is not really addressed, but may be inferred.  Is the Green Lantern Corps recruiting killers to do their dirty work for them?



It’s very minor, but the plot barely inches forward this issue.



The plot doesn’t move forward much, but this issue does provide a lot of interesting and challenging character moments as well as asking some deep questions about morality.  Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been a top-notch book for a while and this issue continues to prove that.  It’s never too late to start reading this book if you haven’t already.


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