New ‘Justice League’ Set Photo Shows The Flash Staring At Popular Character Not Seen In Film

by Shaina Lucas
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Zack Snyder just loves to keep giving us insights on things cut from Justice League. This time we’ve got a never-before-seen set photo. The photo in question is a picture of Ezra Miller in his Flash costume staring at a giant photo of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Photoception!

“#tbt (throwback Thursday) to love at first sight,” Snyder captioned the photo on Vero.

The Flash Harley Quinn Justice League

So Miller had a cameo as The Flash in Suicide Squad, but that same cameo was shot on the set of Justice League. Nothing like using what’s already there! Two birds with one stone. There’s no explanation behind the photo, but it may have been an aid for Miller’s cameo since it was shot on the set of Justice League and not Suicide Squad. But as we saw, Flash did not encounter Harley in that cameo but rather Captain Boomerang. So who knows what this was for! Snyder certainly isn’t telling. “Love at first sight?” Maybe it was an added small plot point that was cut. We don’t know! Only Snyder, Miller, and the photographer seem to know the explanation for this photo.

So luckily, the photographer spoke and gave us the deets! Photographer Clay Enos explained on Vero that he made a giant test print of Robbie as our Clown Princess. He hung the photo up to take a look at it, and Miller decided to go over and have a look himself. That’s when Enos decided to capture this candid photo. Pretty neat, and pretty harmless. Darn, we thought there was more to it.

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