Registered Wonder Woman Domains May Give Away ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Title

by Shaina Lucas
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Director Patty Jenkins has already stated that the Wonder Woman sequel won’t be called Wonder Woman 2, but it’s a working title for fans at the moment.  We may finally have that official title with some new domain names Warner Bros. recently registered.

According to Domain Name Wire, Warner Bros. registered a ton of Wonder Woman related domains this week. Based on that knowledge, some possible official Wonder Woman 2 titles could be as follows:

Wonder Woman Arrives

Wonder Woman Cheetah

Wonder Woman Lives

Wonder Woman Minerva

Wonder Woman Returns

Wonder Woman Rises

Personally, the last two sound best. The rest give us possible insight as to some appearing characters. Jenkins says that she doesn’t think Wonder Woman 2 is a proper title because the film is not really a sequel to the first film. Interesting. This film will be a standalone, new Wonder Woman adventure. So being a standalone film that only gives us a glimmer of hope Steve Trevor will be back even though we know it’s going to be set in the 1980s Cold War.

If you want to check out the full list of domain names you can see them below:

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