Rumor Mill: Possible Villain In ‘The Batman’ Revealed

by Shean Mohammed
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Just like most fans of Batman, we all have been waiting for some news about what to expect from Matt Reeves interpretation of the former Ben Affleck film. Recently, another news source uncovered some rumblings in which there have been some indicators that the newest villain to be added to the DC Cinematic Universe, will be the Penguin. Below are recent tweets speculating on what recent changes to the script Reeves could mean for the solo movie, and if Reeves decides to go a different direction, Penguin may be the villain in the Birds of Prey film.

The last time we saw Penguin on the silver screen was in 1992’s Batman Returns portrayed by Danny DeVito. Newer and older fans alike have gotten used to Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal on Gotham, so it will be interesting to see how the new big screen adaptation will look like. So would you rather see Penguin as the villain in The Batman or in Birds of Prey? Or not at all? Who would be your choice to play the character? Let us know in the comments below!

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