Review: Shade, the Changing Woman #4

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written by: Cecil Castellucci

Illustrated by: Marley Zarcone

Additional Inks by: Ande Parks

Colored by: Kelly Fitzpatrick



Shade is struggling with Rac’s philosophy as she watches event unfold before her.  She recalls the past when her home planet was invaded by a race called the Cray and the subsequent refugees that fled to Meta.  Shade sees that the Cray are headed toward’s Earth and that she has to do something.

Meanwhile, Teacup and River find a means of reconciliation as they both watch Sofia and Grace in the synchronized swimming competition at the Ludi Games.  However, Gan (Megan in her new male identity) is not done with getting back at (her) old teammates.  She’s retained some of the power of the madness from her time in Loma’s womb.  The attack stuns the world.  Shade herself is distracted by trying to warn the people of Earth about the invasion.  Meta’s agent on Earth has convinced the powers that be to launch a large number of satellites to amplify their signal.

When Shade realizes that she’s not making an impact, it becomes apparent to her that she is missing something she looks deep inside and realizes that her heart is the answer.  Shade still need her heart, both to save the Earth and to  completely understand what it is to be human.


This issue is rife with metaphor as well as real world references that deal with immigration, fake news and xenophobia.  It’s not often a book can operate on different levels equally well, but this issue of Shade the Changing Woman shows how it’s done.

Shade’s realization that she needs her heart is moving and significant.  It’s a lesson for everyone in what is at the crux of humanity.

The back up story drawn by Jamie Coe deals with Lepuck’s recruitment by the Green Lantern Corps.  Lepuck finds a higher calling with the Corps and heads to Earth to find a way to assist Shade in defending the Earth from the Cray.

Lastly, there’s a bit of humor in the depiction of the Cray, Cray indeed!


Hard to find a negative here, this book is consistently well done month in and out.



This most recent run of Shade is approaching the climax as Shade is on the way to saving the Earth from the invading Cray, but more importantly she’s on the way to saving herself as she learns the value of the human heart.  If we could all learn such a lesson.


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