Justice League has been the major team-up and one of the cornerstone stories in the DC Universe for a very long time.  Following the successful run of Dark Nights: Metal, the whole Justice League storyline has been revamped with the four-part miniseries; Justice League: No Justice.

Recently, series writer Scott Snyder has confirmed that Justice League #1 artist, Jim Cheung, will return to draw the series starting with Justice League #7 that is scheduled for solicitation in September.

Currently, Jorge Jimenez is contracted to draw Justice League #2 thru #4 and Justice League #6; Justice League #5 is set to be a Legion of Doom one-off story drawn by Doug Mahnke.

The return of Jim Cheung is a major turn of the Justice League franchise and just shows that DC Comics is 100% committed to the continued success of the greatest team ever assembled.


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