Jim Cheung Is Returning As An Artist For Justice League

Justice League has been the major team-up and one of the cornerstone stories in the DC Universe for a very long time.  Following the successful run of Dark Nights: Metal, the whole Justice League storyline has been revamped with the four-part miniseries; Justice League: No Justice.

Recently, series writer Scott Snyder has confirmed that Justice League #1 artist, Jim Cheung, will return to draw the series starting with Justice League #7 that is scheduled for solicitation in September.

Currently, Jorge Jimenez is contracted to draw Justice League #2 thru #4 and Justice League #6; Justice League #5 is set to be a Legion of Doom one-off story drawn by Doug Mahnke.

The return of Jim Cheung is a major turn of the Justice League franchise and just shows that DC Comics is 100% committed to the continued success of the greatest team ever assembled.



Jeff Testanero

Hartford, Connecticut based blogger and podcaster. Graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and serious comic book collector for the past 20+ years Diehard Superman fanboy