[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Clayton Henry

Colorist: Pete Pantazis



I didn’t really believe that Guy Gardner was going to go full Darkstar.  It seemed like it was going to be a ploy by Guy to infiltrate the group.  But, this issue shows how wrong I was….

Guy has come to Earth to unleash Darkstar vengeance on his father for the way his father treated him a a child.  An alcoholic who beat Guy almost daily, Roland Gardner is trying to set himself straight.  But, at this time, it seems like Guy will end it all for Roland as Guy recalls his treatment and calls his dad out on it.

In space, Hal has taken Hector Hammond to an uninhabited planet to find out how extensive Hammond’s powers are.  He quickly learns that Hammond has almost godlike powers.  To his surprise and dismay, Hal discovers that Hector is ready and willing to kill all Hal’s enemies and that Hal may have unwittingly awakened the Darkstars when he wore the armor made from element X in the Dark Nights: Metal mini-series.

On Jekuul, John Stewart gets Zod to show him the plans for a disruptor of Kryptonian design that he believes will help in the fight against the Darkstars, while Kyle and the Space Cabbie have a futile audience with High Father in an attempt to recruit Orion to assist in the fight against the Darkstars.

Before Guy can deliver a killing blow, Arkillo steps in to stop Guy from killing his father, promising a one-on-one showdown next issue!


While it’s surprising, Guy joining the Darkstars creates a significant conflict that has potentially massive ramifications.  It doesn’t seem out of character, though, considering that Guy has been a Red Lantern as well.  It is gratifying to see Arkillo attempt to save Guy from making a mistake.  It demonstrates the friendship between the two, and that the Sinestro Corps is not necessarily evil.

Making it hard on our heroes creates a highly dramatic and ambiguous conflict with very high stakes.  There’s no simple solution to this conflict, and it seems clear however the Corps emerges at the end, it won’t be the same.


Like most issues of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, there’s nothing really negative to mention….



The threads of the tapestry are being woven slowly, yet masterfully as plans don’t seem to be coming together easily.  While John may have succeeded in his mission, Hal and Kyle are in a world of trouble which should provide a high degree of drama as what comes next unfolds.  There is no simple solution or answer.  The Corps has attempted to make deals with devils and it seems like it’s starting to backfire already.  Will this be the end of the Green Lantern Corps?


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