Jesse Rath’s Brainiac 5 Will Become A Series Regular On Supergirl

If you tuned in to Supergirl this past season, you probably saw actor Jesse Rath’s portrayal of Brainiac 5, one of DC Comics’ most intelligent characters. The character was so popular that it’s being reported by Deadline that Rath will return to Supergirl Season 4 as a series regular.

If you’re not familiar with the character, Brainiac 5 is a half-organic, half-computer lifeform with superior intelligence who is a member of the Legion of Super-heroes from the year 3000. On the show, Brainiac 5 traveled back in time to help Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) in her fight with her arch-nemesis Reign (Odette Annable).

Actor Jesse Rath portrayed the character on the show in five episodes this past season but will return to assist Supergirl and the DEO full time in the upcoming season. Executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller had this to say about Rath:

“We love the character of Brainiac-5 and can’t imagine anyone but Jesse Rath in the role. He brings such fun, heart and brilliance to Brainy and we’re so excited he’s joining the cast as a series regular for season 4. We have a lot of great Brainy stories to tell.”

In the upcoming 4th season, Supergirl will be struggling with major changes in her life that include having to decide whether or not she should continue to uphold her secret identity or become a full time Supergirl working for the DEO. As she struggles with that decision, she will have to continue her fight against the “Worldkiller” Reign but now it seems like she’ll have the help of Brainiac 5 on a full time basis.

Joseph Marcas

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